Our Mission and Vision

FreshSTART Recovery Church is a place where broken people find healing and restoration. We offer hope to the hopeless and help to the helpless. We are here to be family to the one who feels alone and offer light to the one who finds themselves in darkness. We offer a loving Christlike community with no judgement and no labels. Everyone is free to be themselves and encouraged to become their “best selves” over time as we walk together. We believe that with the strength of the community and the power of Christ working in us, each of us can experience a blessed life, healed and whole… free of everything that weighs us down, including addiction.
Our Vision is to see our community become a place where brokenness is no longer a life sentence, but an opportunity to break the cycles and generational curses. Our Goal is to create a place where addiction does not win the war, but people gather to claim an beautiful victory in Christ and lead the lives that God created them to live, full of hope, dignity, joy and peace…. a place where people know that they are loved by God and feel the love and acceptance of their community.

Leadership Team:

Reverend Angy Trimmer
Church Planter/Director
Cynthia McGowan
Recovery Minister
Gary Pinson
Recovery Minister
Annie Hardison B.S.W.
Recovery Minister
Mary Biggs
Director of Development
Chelsey Tross
Recovery Coach
Children’s Minister
Nursery Coordinator

What we believe:

We believe that God loves everyone and that Jesus Christ, gave His life so that you might have an opportunity to be in a saving and transforming relationship with God.
We believe that ALL people, miss the mark, hurt ourselves and each other, and that we all struggle to become the people that God intends us to be.
We believe that in relationship with God and each other, we have an opportunity to become a new creation… with a fresh start and a clean slate…and to continue to GROW in GRACE.
We believe that God’s transforming love is exactly what each of us is searching for and is the only thing that will help quiet the restlessness in our souls. This love is open to everyone regardless of race, religion, color, gender, sexual orientation or social status.

We believe it is the church’s job to be a place where you can love, learn, grow, serve, and discover all that God has in store for us, with friends who care, accept you, encourage you and support you on your journey in life.